20 of New Jersey’s 23 Biggest Towers Will Reside in Jersey City


Curbed recently took a look at 23 of New Jersey’s biggest towers and not surprisingly, 20 of those complexes are (or will be) located in Jersey City. Mentioned in the story are mega projects like URL Harborside (a uniquely designed zig-zagging complex made up of 3-towers along the waterfront), 30 Journal Square (the Jared Kushner development being built on the home of the old Jersey Journal building), 70 Columbus (the massive rental tower/hotel complex overlooking the Grove Path station), and 99 Hudson Street (a 95-story condo tower slated to become the tallest building in the state of New Jersey). It’s a great read, but also an alarming one because the city’s infrastructure isn’t being expanded fast enough to accommodate so many people. (Just try getting on the Path train during the morning rush hour). —Curbed

(Image via Curbed)