Bronx Boro Prez Slams Citi Bike for Expanding to Jersey City Ahead of the Bronx


Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz is fuming over Citi Bike’s planned launch in Jersey City. Diaz thinks the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, and other parts of New York City should have been next on Citi Bike’s list before the bike share program made its jump across the Hudson, according to DNAinfo.

“It is deplorable that Citi Bike is expanding to New Jersey before the rest of the city,” said Diaz in a statement.

And apparently he’s not the only one. Local blogger Ed García Conde of “Welcome to the Bronx” is also upset. “That’s pretty ridiculous,” says Conde. “I mean, people jokingly call Jersey City and Jersey the sixth borough—jokingly—but it’s ridiculous that they’re not even touching The Bronx.”

For what it’s worth, Citi Bike has been expanding in New York and unless there’s an exclusive contract prohibiting Citi from expanding in other areas, it’s all an ego trip. Perhaps Diaz should focus on the Bronx’s Legionnaire’s outbreak before ranting about a bicycle share program. —DNAinfo

(Image via Citi Bike JC Facebook)