Capitol Wrestling Debuts in Jersey City’s Cathedral Hall This Saturday

Pro wrestling is about to take over Jersey City.

This Saturday Capitol Wrestling will make its debut at Jersey City’s Cathedral Hall. Created by Marcus Dowling and Matthew Ryan, Capitol Wrestling mixes everything you loved about old school wrestling with modern day characters and story lines. And it’s happening right in our backyard.

“The reason we decided to run in Jersey City is not only due to the proximity to New York City and the ever present audience in the NYC Metro, but for the vibrant arts, music, and ever growing culture of Jersey City,” says Ryan.

“We want to be a part of that and help build a vibrant scene for people of all walks of life to come and see our art form.”

The first show will feature seven matches including one tag team match and the main event: an old school three way dance (a match with three wrestlers).

The event will be held a Cathedral Hall and recorded for a weekly digital show airing on the Guys From Queens Network. Capitol Wrestling will tape four episodes a month from Cathedral Hall.

In addition to the matches, there will be live music by cover band the Kings Of The Ring and BBQ from local food truck The Bearded One BBQ.

Ticket prices will range from $15 for general admission to $80 for a limited VIP package that includes a chance to appear as a guest ring announcer or time keeper. Tickets can be purchased at via Capitol Wrestling or through Groupon.

“Whether you are a lifelong fan, a casual fan, or we piqued your curiosity, there will be a reason to keep you coming back to Capitol Wrestling,” says Ryan.

(Photos: Capitol Wrestling)