Carrino Provisions Reopens Today as Bell + Gray; Bucket & Bay/Departed Soles Collaboration


**Team Talde is giving Carrino Provisions a new lease on life. The former Italian market and boutique butcher shop reopens today as Bell + Gray, an American restaurant that will resemble Talde’s Thistle Hill Tavern in Park Slope, says Eater. The layout of the restaurant will remain somewhat similar to its previous incarnation with a bar, patio, main dining room, and wine cellar that can be reserved for private parties. It appears the sports bar concept has been thrown out the window as there was no longer any mention of HDTVs in the interior of the restaurant.

Design-wise, you’ll also see more of the same subway tile and exposed brick that gave Carrino Provisions its luxury-chic feel, but the team has also reportedly installed Edison bulbs as a throwback to when the space served as a telephone switching station. (Before it was ever a police precinct). The restaurant’s name is also a throwback to the telecommunications pioneers Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell. Only time will tell if Bell + Gray is truly listening to what the neighborhood wants.  —Eater

**Bucket & Bay has teamed up with Jersey City’s recently-opened micro brewery, Departed Soles, to create a new gelato flavor that uses Departed Soles’ Dark Night IPA beer. I tried it over the weekend — thumbs up! It has a nice vanilla base with a very gentle (but noticeable) IPA-like finish. Also, check out their Bulleit Caramel. A new salted caramel gelato infused with, you guessed it, Bulleit bourbon. –Bucket & Bay via Instagram

**Grove street commuters, watch out. Residents started to move into the new 417-unit Morgan at Provost Square tower over the weekend, which means pretty soon you’ll start seeing an influx of new commuters at the Grove Path station. —


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