Downtown Taxis Claim Uber is Unfairly Destroying Their Business


It’s a battle we’ve seen throughout multiple cities in the U.S. Traditional taxi drivers are claiming that ride-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft are unfairly destroying their business. It happened in New York City this past summer and now as reports the frontline is moving to downtown Jersey City. Taxi drivers across Jersey City are taking to City Hall hoping the mayor will put a halt to the rise of Uber. Their argument is that Uber (and similar apps) represent unfair competition. These ride-hailing apps can offer cheaper fares because they don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on taxi medallions. Moreover, they don’t have to register with the city.

However, City Hall is giving Jersey City taxi drivers the cold shoulder. According to, Ward E Councilman Candice Osborne says that if the taxi industry had been filling consumers’ needs — i.e. providing cheaper rates and cleaner cars — “there’d be no need for Uber.” And it’s not just Jersey City’s taxi drivers that are hurting. Private limo and car services are also experiencing a major decline in customers thanks in part to Uber and Lyft. Unfortunately for taxi drivers, the future looks grim. City officials in New York recently left their taxi drivers to fend for themselves against Uber and it’s likely that’s what will happen here in Jersey City. What have your experiences been like with Jersey City cabs? Are they on par or nowhere near the quality provided by Uber? —