Edible Jersey Spotlights Jersey City’s Best Including Third & Vine, Maritime Parc


Edible Jersey’s Spring 2016 issue — which recently became available online — shines its spotlight on Jersey City’s rising food scene. It includes interviews with Chris Siverson of Maritime Parc, David Drake of Greene Hook, and Brian Rothbart of Third & Vine, to name a few. Also featured is the food of Third & Vine chef Lynn Wheeler (whom we also featured on Jersey City Upfront) and the food of Talde Jersey City chefs Andrew del Vecchio and Scott Macdonald. Some notable takes from the article:


On Maritime Parc: “Siverson’s Maritime Parc was one of the first of the new wave, before it was a wave. This is simple food made using pristine local ingredients, then taken a step or two more.”


On Light Horse Tavern: “Light Horse became a pioneering restaurant in the city simply by offering up a more modern American cuisine, featuring creative renditions of classics, plus seasonal dishes — at a time when menus rarely changed.”


On Greene Hook: “The twists are slight enough to elevate the food but leave it feeling familiar and comforting.”


On Third & Vine: “A cool spot that stands out from the surrounding Newark Avenue restaurant pack. Beverage director and co-owner Brian Rothbart serves a slate of cocktails mixed from ingredients like herbs, jams, and pineapple mostarda. Jamie Mayne, Rothbart’s wife and co-owner, is the fromager. She deftly dreams up condiments that sharpen the flavors of her constantly evolving list of 30-plus cheeses. Executive chef Lynn Wheeler does the small plates, which range from simple to intricate.”


On Talde JC: “It’s a perpetual party. Creative cocktails and imaginative Asian-American food roll out of the kitchen staggered, one by one, as soon as each individual plate is ready. Reggae, funk and gypsy jazz pour from the speakers. One of the best things on the menu is the shiitake mushrooms.” —Edible Jersey


(Image: Edible Jersey)