First Impression: Latham House


The Kitchen at Grove Station elevated Jersey City dining with food that the New York Times called “magical.” Now under completely new management, Latham House — which has taken over the Kitchen’s former space — continues in that tradition offering reinvented classics that are as appealing to the eye as they are to the palate.

In terms of decor, Latham House has kept the same rustic-chic vibe that previously occupied the space. However, the counter that once displayed desserts now functions as the restaurant’s bar.

The menu is a mix of American, Asian, and Mediterranean classics with prices that range from $8 to $19 for appetizers and $17 to $34 for entrees. Budget conscious foodies will also be glad to know there is a healthy mix of salads, burgers, and sandwiches that range from $10 to $18.


Portions are generous and each entree is beautifully plated, which makes anything you order an Instagram-worthy photo. More importantly, each entree I tried was delicious in its own way. Dan’s Serious Hummus ($11) with smoked paprika and olives is an excellent start to any dinner. Served with naan and dollops of pomegranate molasses, the hummus is smokey yet maintains a clean, rich chickpea flavor. The Asian Chicken Salad ($18) is giant-sized with greens, cabbage, and rice noodles generously paired with a sesame-ginger dressing. The addition of crispy wontons gives the salad a nice crunch.

The Thai bouillabaisse ($26) is a must-try dish with scallops (the market fish at the time), mussels, shrimp, calamari, and rice noodles in a gently spicy coconut curry sauce. The only thing that could possibly make this dish better is the addition of some French bread to sop up the delicious curry.


We didn’t see a dessert menu or coffee option (even though there appears to be a barista counter up front), but we did ask about dessert and tried the chocolate bread pudding, which unlike most heavy bread puddings was very light and tiramisu-like.

Dinner for two hit $100 (including one appetizer, two entrees, a $30 bottle of wine, and one dessert), which is a little high for downtown, but we weren’t being particularly price conscious on this particular night. I’ll definitely be back for lunch, dinner, and cocktails and see how pricing may differ. On a separate note, service was attentive, friendly, and lacked any kinks you’d expect from a newly-opened restaurant.

Latham House’s wine list is very France and California heavy with prices in the mid $30s to upper $40s. The restaurant notes on their website that these are the wines they inherited from the Kitchen at Grove and that they plan on offering their own wine list later this fall.


Overall, Latham House is serving unique and successful interpretations of classics you already love. It’s destined to make Jersey City an even greater culinary destination than it currently is.

Latham House | 299 Marin Blvd. |


    • Thank you for the excellent experience! Glad to see everything running smooth. Looking forward to more dinners (and lunches) at the restaurant!

  1. Hope they make it past the 1 year mark of “The Kitchen”. I hear they keep firing the staff, only open a few weeks and already a huge turnaround.

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