Gringos Taqueria Will Bring Al Fresco Dining to 12 Coles Street

If you love dining al fresco, you’re going to like what Gringos Taqueria has in store for the downtown area. A new rendering of Gringos — which will be located at 12 Coles Street and Maxwell Alley — shows that the taco shop will have sidewalk seating, an outdoor patio, and a rooftop dining area.

Currently, there are no restaurants with outdoor seating in the immediate area and with Maxwell Alley being relatively free of heavy traffic, it appears Gringos will have a nice amount of room to expand upon.

The restaurant has also posted some food photos of three of their tacos: fried avocado, fish, and chicken al pastor.

An opening date hasn’t been set, but it could be awhile before your first Gringos taco because at the moment, 12 Coles still looks much like the Google Maps image below (at least from the outside).

(Rendering: Gringos JC)


  1. Yes, well done, promoting a restaurant with a blatantly racist name. Well done!

    • John I’m happy to see new businesses flourishing in our town. It’s taken years for ppl to recognize how great JC is. This will create new jobs and drive more business. The name Is playful not racist. We need to open our minds as a city in order to make jersey city the best city in NJ (which it is). Embrace my friend don’t hate.

  2. I love the “GRINGOS ” name! It’s Unique! That building and the garage next door were an eye sore. Can’t wait till it opens. TACO TUESDAY HERE WE COME!!!

  3. This drawing and the proposed establishment look awesome and would turn what is now a patch of blight into a lovely repurposed establishment. However, this is a residential street. Isn’t JC’s cafe zoning meant to prevent such establishments from erecting outdoor seating in residential areas? That’s what prevented Prato from creating garden and sidewalk seating a few years ago. Since this was formerly a garage and presumably not zoned for cafe seating I would think the new owners would have to seek a variance which would be opposed by local residents. Interested to hear if anyone has any insight on that.

    • I have the same question. I like the restaurant idea and the effort going into it. But this is a very residential area. They should have reduced late night hours at a minimum.

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