Hard Grove Opening Soon at 328 Montgomery Street


Hard Grove is opening soon at its new home on 328 Montgomery Street. After moving from its original location at 319 Grove Street, the casual, Cuban restaurant was supposed to open at its new home on 143 Newark Avenue.

However, that building was damaged in 2014 by workers excavating in the vacant lot next to it. Since then, work at 143 Newark Avenue came to a standstill and the future of Hard Grove was unknown.

This weekend at the All About Downtown Food Festival, Hard Grove confirmed that it is indeed opening soon at 328 Montgomery Street (between Varick and Monmouth). The restaurant is currently accepting applications for all positions.

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  1. Seriously, This is a residential neighborhood. Who in the world issued permits for a restaurant there…with its attendant noise, outdoor cafe taking up half the sidewalk, etc? But no surprise there, JC is now the home of overpriced high rises and noisy restaurants. Oh, and no supermarkets. But then, why would we need them? We’re alll millennials who dine out every night, right?

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