In the News: 30 Acres Closing its Doors; Chilltown Kitchen’s Next Pop-Up Dinner on Oct 30th


**The owners of Thirty Acres, one of the first Jersey City restaurants to wow the New York Times and help put Jersey City on the culinary map, have announced that they will permanently close their doors on November 28th. The owners are moving to Seattle. –30 Acres via Facebook

**Chilltown Kitchen has announced the date of its next pop-up dinner, which according to the Instagram tease, sounds like it will be held in a private residence. The dinner is slated for Friday, October 30th. (The night before Halloween). –Chilltown Kitchen via Instagram

**Government documents show that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie allegedly pushed the Port Authority to approve a lucrative contract for a firm partially owned by Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. If you recall, Christie accepted gifts from Jones when he flew down to Texas (on Jones’ dime) to see the Cowboys in the NFL playoffs.  —IBT

(Image via 30 Acres)