In the News: JC Police to Get Body Cams, Paulus Hook Memorial is Restored

Korean War Memorial via

Korean War Memorial via

**A refurbished Korean War Memorial (pictured) was unveiled earlier this week thanks in part to a generous $100k donation from South Korea. The Paulus Hook-based monument, located at the end of Washington Street near Morris Canal Park, had been defaced last October. The new monument features 18 engraved pictures depicting modern day South Korea and scenes from the Korean War. —

**A Clifton resident involved in a car accident in downtown Jersey City was upgraded to stable condition overnight. Witnesses say a motorcycle collided with a four-door Honda at the intersection of Columbus and Monmouth around 9.23pm last Thursday. It’s not clear who was at fault, although numerous witnesses say the motorcycle was speeding. —

**Police apprehended a man just outside the Journal Square Path station Sunday at 9.15pm for allegedly stealing someone’s LG Tribute smartphone. When the 57-year old victim resisted, the alleged thief snatched the phone and smashed it on the ground. Police arrested him moments later. —

**The state of New Jersey will dedicate approximately $1.5 million in funds to outfit 1,000 state police officers with body cams. Newark, Jersey City, and Paterson are also purchasing 1,100 cameras this year for their respective police forces. —WSJ

**The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is giving the Newark/Jersey City area $20.8 million in federal funding to protect against the threat of a terrorist attack. To improve transit security, NJ Transit will get $17.4 million, whereas the Port Authority will get $4 million. The areas deemed “high risk” include Newark Liberty International Airport, Port Newark/Elizabeth, Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor tracks, and a stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike that doubles as Interstate 95. —