In the News: Development Plans for Liberty State Park; Wine Class at Mana Cafe


**A Hudson County Superior Court judge has sentenced Tari Tupin to 30 years in prison for shooting two people on the Path train at the Pavonia Newport station. Back in 2013, Tupin got into an argument with two passengers aboard the train and shot one victim in the hand and the other in the leg. —

**NJ Advance Media has developed a map that shows the racial makeup of every block in the state of New Jersey. The map was developed after NJ was named one of the most diverse states in the country. While some cities like Jersey City display a burst of diversity, others such as Newark show how segregated we live. The map was based using 2010 census block data. —

**Lourdes Arena of Madame Claude Wine is hosting a pop-up wine class at the Mana Cafe on Wednesday October 21st from 7pm till 9pm. The class will focus primarily on Loire Valley wines. There will be 7 tastings along with small plates prepared by Mamade Claude Cafe. Tickets are $65 per person. —Mana Wine via Instagram

**The Senate Environment and Energy Committee will hold a hearing on Monday outlining potential commercial and development plans for Liberty State Park. Essentially, they’re looking for “revenue-generating ventures” for the state park, which has unobstructed views of New York City. The advocacy group Friends of Liberty State Park is against any plans to privatize the park. —

(Image via Mana Wine)