In the News: McGinley Square Pub Featured on ABC, Kono Pizza Arrives at Newport


**Journal Square’s McGinley Square Pub was featured on ABC 7 recently thanks in part to the bar’s new motto, which asks that bar patrons turn off  their smartphones and actually talk to each other. The bar, which places an emphasis on local craft beers, says the motto seems to be working so far. —ABC 7

**Forget the deep dish versus thin-crust debate. Kono Pizza, a new kiosk inside Newport Mall, is starting a new pizza trend — pizza in a cone. The kiosk is serving six types of pizza cones including non-traditional breakfast and dessert cones. The good news is each cone packs just 250-280 calories, compared to about 450 calories in a traditional slice of pizza. —

**Jersey City boasts one of the lowest urban 911 response times in the U.S. taking less than six minutes, on average, to respond to a 911 call. However, Jersey City Medical Center and United Rescue want to cut that down further to just two minutes. So they’re launching a crowd-sourced response team that receives all the training traditional paramedics do, but with the added benefit of a quicker response time. —Public Radio International

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