In the News: Park & Sixth Gastropub to Reopen as The Draper, Raval Undergoes Renovations, CBGB Opens at Newark Airport


**Park & Sixth Gastropub (on Washington & York) is closing its doors this month for renovations. When it reopens in late January, it will be known as The Draper. Per Park & Sixth’s Instagram account:

“Park & Sixth Gastropub will re-open in late January as The Draper. Inspired by Dorothy Draper, the pioneer of Hollywood Regency interior design, the space will be split into two distinct styles with the front of the house remaining a pub with a full lunch and dinner menu, and the dining room will be transformed into a luxury cocktail lounge adorned with velvet drapes, crystal chandeliers, craft cocktails, and tasty finger foods. We will also be adding a game room downstairs. While I am saddened to see the Park & Sixth Gastropub name disappear, I find myself now with the opportunity to embark on a new, completely different type of establishment that will allow me to explore a unique side of the hospitality industry. Paulus Hook is a vibrant, growing destination area within the city. I believe The Draper will not only uphold the Park & Sixth reputation for excellent fare while providing an atmosphere unlike any other in Jersey City.” Park & Sixth

**On the subject of renovations, Raval has reopened after a brief respite. The restaurant’s front section received a light, but noticeable redesign. Gone are the really cool Gaudi-inspired benches and artwork (show above) which have been replaced by tall tables like the ones located in the back of the restaurant. The front section of the restaurant has also been fitted with a big-screen HDTV. Finally, the cocktail menu has been revised and now consists of $9 cocktails.

**The new CBGB Restaurant located inside Newark Airport has officially opened. According to initial reports, the restaurant was packed and customers can place orders via iPads. But before you despair over the fate of the CBGB name, you may want to check out what the NY Post has to say on the matter: “There are music fans who will forever associate the Bowery venue with the halcyon days of Talking Heads, Television, and Blondie, and denounce the idea of CBGB being dragged through the mud by corporate interests. But that ship sailed long ago. Since closing, the old space (and the club’s punk-rock spirit) has been utilized by John Varvatos to sell high-end men’s clothes.” —NYP

**As part of its Chapter 11 reorganization, American Apparel will close down its Newport Mall storefront as of January 30, 2016. —

(Image: Raval)