In the News: Tough Mudder in Jersey City, Comcast Tests Unlimited Data, Porta Pizza Review


** recently gave Porta a solid review calling the Newark Avenue-based restaurant “unpretentiously chic.” As for the pizzas, they describe the dough as tasting “better than real French bread with a crust that’s delightfully textured, chewy.” Standout pies include the Carbonara (pictured above), which aside from looking absolutely delicious, they describe as having a “strong imported-cheese flavor.” —

**Tough Mudder’s grueling obstacle course is landing in our backyard this weekend. Overlooking the New York City skyline, the 10- to 12-mile fitness challenge will be held in our very own Liberty State Park on Saturday, November 7th and Sunday, November 8th. You can run for a cause, as part of a group, or go at it solo. —Tough Mudder

**Comcast is rolling out a new data plan for home users. For an additional $35/month, you can now get unlimited data streaming. (Otherwise, customers are subject to a 300GB monthly data cap). The plan is currently available in Atlanta only, but it’s likely the cable provider will introduce it nationwide, which would naturally include New Jersey. Meanwhile, across the Hudson Time Warner Cable is about to launch a trial with Roku offering subscribers a new way to watch TV that doesn’t involve renting a DVR from Time Warner. —WaPo

**Word of mouth on JCList has it that Powerhouse Lounge will be reborn as a beer garden. They certainly have the space for it and should the rumor hold true, it would give them the advantage over Zeppelin (since they’d be located much closer to the Grove Path station). —JCList

**Voters have approved a measure backed by Mayor Steven Fulop to move non-partisan elections from May to November. It’s said the move would increase voter turnout and cut costs. —