Inside the St. Boniface Church Lofts


Jersey Digs recently got an inside look at the remaining unit inside Boniface Lofts, a newly-constructed condo in what was once St. Boniface Church. Built by German immigrants in 1863, the Gothic-styled church was re-purposed by developer Ben LoPiccolo Development Group (BLDG). The Lofts, located on First Street between Jersey Avenue and Erie Street, have preserved many of the church’s original characteristics such as its hand-carved wooden columns, pine flooring, and stained windows. The remaining unit for sale is an upper duplex with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a 300 sq. ft. loft space. It’s going for just shy of $1 million. If restored churches are your thing, there’s also The Centenary near Hamilton Park, which consists of 2- and 4-bedroom condos starting at $889k. —Jersey Digs

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