Jersey City Upfront: 9 Months Later

Thank You

Thank you, readers!

I launched Jersey City Upfront back in May and since then the site has grown faster than I could have ever imagined. This past November, the site quietly celebrated its 6-month anniversary and for the first time ever hit 10,273 monthly page views (per Google Analytics). It’s a modest milestone, but considering the blog was at 93 page views in May, that’s a pretty nice increase in readership, which I owe entirely to you — whether you visit the site everyday or just on occasion. I’d also like to thank other sites that have helped me along the way, either with their excellent guidance/advice (Tribeca Citizen) or by helping me spread my name on Twitter/Facebook (Black Tie & Flip Flops). And a big thank you to everyone who has shared the site on social media or with friends.

Since November traffic has continued to steadily increase — January page views hit 11,680 — so my next goal for the site will be to hit 20,000 page views/month. I’d also like to increase the site’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

However, numbers mean squat without solid writing/content, so I plan to focus on content the most with more reviews, more downtown news, and more Q&As with local businesses, among other surprises. (If there’s anything specific you’d like to see, shoot me a line at

Last month I also rolled out the site’s first ads. I realize we’re living in an era of ad blockers, but in order for me to make this site a solid business I need to run ads and the occasional sponsored content. I’ve been a journalist for over a decade and know first-hand how slimy the industry can get when it comes to advertising, so rest assured I will make it clear which posts are original content and which posts are sponsored. I will also try my best to run ads from local businesses, so when you click on them — you’re not only supporting Jersey City Upfront, but you’re also supporting your neighborhood businesses.

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In the meantime, if there’s anything you want to see more of, less of, or if you have any tips, you can send them to me at Thank you again for reading and supporting the site and here’s to the next milestone. —LJ


  1. congratulations!! I check your blog every 2-3 days, it’s my favorite JC blog (along with ChicPeaJC and Jersey City Eats). You do a great job!!

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