Liberty Bridge Would Connect Jersey City Embankment with Battery Park


Call it the ultimate pipe dream. Jersey City residents Kevin Shane and architect Jeff Jordan have teamed up to create the Liberty Bridge, a 5,000-ft. pedestrian bridge that would stretch across the Hudson and connect downtown Jersey City with downtown New York. According to the duo, the Liberty Bridge would start along Jersey City’s Sixth Street Embankment, cross the Hudson River, and end in New York’s Battery Park. The bridge would have lanes for commuters, joggers, bikers, tourists, and special areas for coffee shops and retailers. It would also stand 200 feet above the Hudson to allow passing cruise ships to sail by.

Make no mistake, Jersey City absolutely needs something like this and I love the renderings and ambition behind the project, but considering our local politicians can’t agree on what to do with the Lowe’s Theatre, the Embankment, or the new Hudson rails, it’s likely the Liberty Bridge will remain just a pipe dream. —Jersey Digs via Liberty Bridge





(Images via Liberty Bridge)


  1. I know this is just a concept drawing, but it doesn’t look like it was designed to include the cruise ships that come in and out of Manhattan? The ships are huge and this doesn’t look like it accounts for them going under the bridge. There’s no way those are going away, so if this proposal intends to be plausible, they need to re-design it to include for this…but it’s doubtful that a bridge that could accommodate cruise ships under it would be good for walking. :/

    • Yeah, some of the cruise ships sailing down the Hudson are massive, so this bridge would really have to stand tall. And like you said — if it’s that high up, would it be safe for pedestrians on a windy or stormy day? Even if it has some sort of shield against rain/winds, I can imagine it being closed down constantly on stormy/windy/snowy/foggy days.

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