Mathews Food & Drink To Open In Former La Conguita Space


This June will mark 1 year since the former La Conguita restaurant closed shop, and now it appears the restaurant’s new owners (White Star Bar) are ready to make their Grove Street debut. Per The Jersey City Project, Mathews Food & Drink is “opening soon” in the former La Conguita space at 351 Grove Street. The interior of the restaurant has received a nice redesign with a more modern and spacious look courtesy of Kevin Greenberg. It even appears to have a small communal section with stools. Currently, the exterior of the restaurant is displaying art by local artists Joe Waks and Kayt Hester. We’ve reached out to Mathews for more information and will update if we receive any. In the meantime, you can follow Mathews on Instagram (there are a few shots of the interior in their feed) or sign up for updates on their website.

(Image: Jersey City Upfront)