Neighborhood News: Bang Cookies Opens Cookie Factory in the Heights, 9 Bar Cafe Coming to Jersey City Urby

**Can’t wait for the 2017 Farmers’ Market season to begin? Bang Cookies has opened its first official cookie factory in Jersey City Heights. Located at 1183 Summit Avenue, the factory is being used to bake cookies and for cookie pick-ups. Bang Cookies also offers free delivery to Jersey City and Hoboken. —Bang Cookies

**It’s no secret that Journal Square is getting its own Starbucks, but now an official date has been set. reports that Starbucks JSQ is slated to open mid-May near the PJ Ryan’s Squared pub. —

**Starbucks isn’t the only coffee shop making news. Downtown’s 9 Bar Cafe has announced that it will open a second location at the new Jersey City Urby building by the waterfront at 200 Greene Street. —Jersey Digs

**Jersey City is now officially a sanctuary city, meaning it will protect undocumented immigrants by not prosecuting them for violating federal immigration laws. Mayor Fulop signed the order last week. —NJ News 12

**The main branch of the Jersey City Free Public Library at 472 Jersey Avenue will be closed through May 1 for renovations.  —

(Photo: Bang Cookies)