Neighborhood News: Gringos Taqueria Opens Mid-June, Micro Units Coming to Van Vorst

**Get ready to satisfy your taco cravings: Gringos Taqueria is expected to open mid June. Located at 12 Coles Street, the restaurant has recently been testing a cocktail menu with drink names like “El Gringo” and “Beet the Piñata.” No word yet on if it’ll be a taqueria/arcade like its Staten Island counterpart. —Gringos

**Another luxury rental is coming to the border of downtown’s Village neighborhood. 400 Newark Avenue will be a seven-story, 25-unit rental by local developer Weingarten Group. —Jersey Digs

**A Hudson County Superior Court Judge has granted developers permission to build a new micro apartment building on Bright and Varick. The development was originally blocked by residents who feared it would create a “Hoboken-like atmosphere,” but ultimately developers won because “no member of the public, including VVPA, appeared and objected” cites the ruling. —

**New Jersey’s fireworks law could be loosened to permit anyone age 16 or older to buy and use non-exploding, non-aerial fireworks like sparklers, smoke bombs, and party poppers. —Politico

**Pizza Vita is the latest pop-up to join the Harborside Food Hall. Known for their infamous pizza truck, Pizza Vita specializes in Neapolitan pizza. —JC Eats

**Speaking of pizza — you can now satisfy your pizza cravings late into the night. Rustique announced it will remain open until 11pm Tuesdays through Saturdays. —Rustique

**The Port Authority is mulling over the idea of constructing a “cross harbor rail freight tunnel” between Greenville, Jersey City, and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The PA will allot up to $35 million for a study that will tell them if this is do-able or not. —Curbed

(Photo: Gringos JC)