Neighborhood News: Pet Shop Bar Opening Soon, Port Authority Blames City For Surge In PATH Ridership

Pet Shop

**Work continues at 193 Newark Avenue, future home of the Pet Shop Bar. The bar — which was recently decorated with holiday lights — is expected to open in a month after city officials give the final seal of approval. Fingers crossed that everything runs as planned.

**The Port Authority expects the PATH train to transport 88.4 million passengers by 2020, a 15% surge from 2015 levels, reports the Wall Street Journal. Making matters worse, upgrades to the PATH system — which could increase capacity by 20% — aren’t expected to arrive until the end of 2018. PA Chairman John Degnan faults Jersey City officials for allowing too many new developments. “It’s irresponsible for a city to allow indiscriminate growth that’s going to tax public infrastructure beyond its capability,” Degnan told the WSJ. According to the WSJ, new developments could increase the city’s population of about 264,000 by 25%. —WSJ

**Quick-thinking PATH officials were able to catch a suspect during an alleged sexual assault early Monday. Police say the suspect was seen sexually assaulting a female victim at about 4.45am on the platform of the Christopher Street station. Authorities witnessing the attack on camera used the station’s PA system to thwart the perpetrator and dispatched police to the station. —ABC 7

**A former Uber driver is suing the ride-hailing company claiming that Uber drivers are not independent contractors, but regular employees who are entitled to overtime compensation as required by the New Jersey wage laws. The suit joins a flood of similar suits filed in many states after Uber agreed to pay $100 million to settle cases in California and Massachusetts. —NJTVNews

**The Jersey City website is getting a redesign. The 5-year project being performed by CivicLive will cost the city $254,000. —