Neighborhood News: Port Authority Wants to Sell 1 WTC, Chilltown Kitchen Dinner Tix on Sale Friday


**Execs at the Port Authority are hoping they can sell 1 WTC — to foreign or domestic buyers — for close to $5 billion. The tower cost $3.8 billion to build and last year generated just $13 million for the cash-strapped agency. —Crain’s via Curbed

**Tickets for the next Chilltown Kitchen pop-up dinner go on sale this Friday. The dinner will be a celebration of Dominican cuisine and will be held at Gia Gelato on Sunday, September 18. Tickets are $60 per person. —Chilltown Kitchen

**Private security guards Ebony Grant and Paula Santos — whose quick-thinking helped stop an assault at the Christopher Street PATH station back on June 5 — will receive awards for their service. —The Record

**A 44-year old man was robbed at gunpoint Monday at 2am after withdrawing money from the Chase bank located in Newport on Washington Boulevard. —

**The two PATH cars that were once trapped under the rubble after the 9/11 attacks will now be open to the general public in East Haven, CT. Only two cars of the seven-car train survived, the others were crushed in the collapse of the WTC. —Untapped Cities

(Image: Crain’s)