Neighborhood News: The Economist Profiles Mayor Fulop, Free Pet Adoptions at Liberty Humane Society


**The Economist has an interesting, albeit brief, profile of Jersey City and the changes brought about by its mayor, Steven Fulop. A few choice lines: “Under his watch, the city became the first in the state (and sixth in the country) to require companies to grant paid sick leave. It is the first New Jersey city to have a transgender health care programme. More affordable housing has been built, even along the desirable waterfront, in the past two and a half years than in the previous ten…Now millennials and arty sorts priced out of Brooklyn are moving in. Jersey City could soon pass Newark as the state’s largest city.” —Economist

**The Liberty Humane Society kicked off its first adoption event of the year yesterday and in celebration of Valentine’s Day is waiving all adoption fees, which generally range from $120 to $225. The event, which seeks to find loving homes for Jersey City’s homeless dogs and cats, will run through February 14th. LHS’ hours are Tuesdays through Fridays from 2pm – 7pm and Saturdays through Sundays from 11am – 4pm. —LHS

**At a recent public forum, Mayor Fulop addressed the lack of diversity in Jersey City’s police department. Despite the city’s best efforts to recruit young African Americans, Fulop says that most African American recruits bail on the police academy on “day one” when they’re faced with drill sergeants who order them around. —

**Newport Centre Mall has a new general manager. Austin Martin, a native of Indianapolis, IN, has worked for Simon (parent company of Newport Mall) for 6 years and has held multiple leadership positions within the company.

**Construction has started on 99 Hudson, a 79-story skyscraper that will be located at Greene and Grand streets on the Jersey City Waterfront. “This building will literally have the best views in the world,” said Cindy Xiu, president of China Overseas America, the company behind the $500 million condo project. Completion is expected in two years. —

**Reminder: Hudson Restaurant Week ends this Friday. Participating restaurants include Amelia’s Bistro, Battello, GP’s Hamilton Park, and Raval. New York’s Restaurant Week will also run through February 5th and includes El Vez, Left Bank, Les Halles, and Red Rooster. —Hudson Restaurant Week

**In honor of Valentine’s Day, local mail-order bakeshop Jersey City Sweets is offering a 14% off discount on all Valentine’s Day pastries. The code — VDAY14 — expires on February 8th. Jersey City Sweets

(Image: Economist)