Neighborhood News: Uber Drivers Hate Taking You To NYC, Barge Proposal Withdrawn From Liberty State Park


**Uber drivers in northern New Jersey hate taking you into Manhattan, or worse — JFK airport. As a result, the New Jersey App-based Drivers Association — which represents both Uber and Lyft drivers — is asking Uber for more flexibility with New Jersey-based trips that cross into New York. The problem stems from the fact that NJ Uber drivers are not licensed to do pickups in New York City, so drivers claim they wind up losing money on trips to NYC. Plus, Uber does not pay for the tolls back into NJ, which deepens the drivers’ financial losses. —The Record

**A New York-based shipping company has withdrawn its proposal to install commercial buoys near Liberty State Park. The proposal drew strong criticism from residents and Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop. The company said it will look for a new site for its buoys. —

**The BelovED Community Charter School is building a $12 million middle school at 535 Grand Street. The new school will serve 240 students in grades six through nine. Features of the new school include: an open first floor with outdoor recreational facilities, a two-story cafeteria that doubles as an auditorium with 300 seats, and an orchestra-influenced music room. —

**In an effort to bring more life to Jersey City’s waterfront — beyond the 9-to-5 crowd — Jersey City officials are looking to make Exchange Place the city’s sixth Special Improvement District (SID). “An Exchange Place SID would enhance the already bustling commercial district and further develop Jersey City as a destination by providing increased services and programming,” said Mayor Steven Fulop. —Hudson Reporter

**Priced out of Brooklyn, an influx of Orthodox Jews have arrived on Martin Luther King Drive with the hopes of buying cheap and renting to lower income families with prices ranging from $800 for a one-bedroom to $1,100 for a two-bedroom. But some residents are complaining about the aggressive buyers and their prices. —NJTVNews

**Jersey City is about to get a lot greener. The Jersey City Parks Coalition announced a multi-year project that will bring 5,000 trees across the city over the next 5 years. The first phase of the project — which starts in October — will focus on planting trees in public parks and open spaces. The city has committed $60,000 for each year of the 5-year project. Goldman Sachs has also announced that it will donate $25,000. —

**A new report that ranks how well hospitals keep their patients safe during their stay ranks the state of New Jersey in 22nd place. Local hospitals Jersey City Medical and CarePoint Health Christ Hospital scored an “A” and “B” grade, respectively. —

(Image: The Record)