Neighborhoods with the Cheapest Real Estate and Shortest Commute to New York City

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.42.48 PMCommuting from Jersey City into midtown New York is a fairly quick experience (as long as the Path trains are running), but ever wonder what neighborhood has the quickest commute time into New York and which areas offer the cheapest real estate? NeighborhoodX — a real estate/data start-up that offers just that type of data-heavy information — has crunched the numbers and put all the neighborhoods side-by-side for would-be shoppers to compare. The numbers are based on a commute into midtown Manhattan via mass transit.

Here in the Garden State, Hoboken offers the quickest commute into New York at 25 minutes, but real estate is on the pricey side at $659 per sq. ft. Meanwhile, Journal Square puts you 41 minutes away from midtown New York, but offers a slightly more affordable real estate price of $393 per sq. ft. It’s an interesting way to compare commuting times and real estate prices, particularly if you happen to work in New York — as many people who live in the surrounding areas tend to do. —NeighborhoodX via Curbed

(Image: NeighborhoodX)