Old School JC

A list of old-school restaurants, establishments, shops, and services that have resided in Jersey City for 20+ years. Some of these establishments may not have an online presence, so in some cases I’ve linked to the next best Web page for them. This is a work in progress. Share your favorites in the comments and I’ll update the page.


Andrea Salumeria | 247 Central Avenue | www.andreasalumeria.com

Boulevard Drinks | 48 Journal Square | Yelp

Carmen Rosa’s Bakery | 37 Coles Street | www.carmenrosabakery.com

La Conguita | 351 Grove Street | www.laconguita.com [Closed]

Guillo’s Place | 110 Coles | Facebook

Henderson Lumber Mills | 195 First Street | www.hendersonlumber.com

Historic Jersey City & Harsimus Cemetery | 435 Newark Avenue | www.jerseycitycemetery.org

Jersey City Reservoir | Reservoir & Jefferson Streets | www.jcreservoir.org

Lee Brothers | 47 Journal Square | Yelp

Liberty Park Cafe & Diner | 14 Burma Road | www.libertyparkcafediner.com

Monteleone Bakery | 741 Newark Avenue | Yelp

Morlees Footwear & Apparel | 160 Newark Avenue | www.morlees.com

Neptune Bakery & Deli | 1612 Kennedy Boulevard | Yelp

Pecoraro Bakery | 279 Newark Avenue | Yelp

Rita & Joe’s Italian Restaurant | 142 Broadway | www.rita-joes.com

Rizzo Bakery | 208 Central Avenue | Yelp

Torico Homemade Ice Cream | 20 Erie Street | www.toricoicecream.com

White Mana Diner | 470 Tonnele Avenue | Facebook


  1. There are a million old school places further out from downtown hope you guys expand the list
    Monteleone further up on Newark
    Neptune bakery open 24hrs on Kennedy blvd.
    the huge 99cent/home good store at the end of jersey city border Bayonne
    DRINKS hotdog spot in journal square
    Lee bros sneakers right next to drinks been there forever
    Karinas on ocean avenue use to eat there every Sunday as a kid
    The hot dog vendor at the corner of Hamilton park want to know the real Hamilton park just ask him
    Legal beans on grand by prep
    Bakery on central avenue
    Guillos place as a bar or the keyhole right behind morlees
    The random diner at Liberty state park never ate there been there forever

    • Thanks for the suggestions! Will definitely add these to the map. Some of them have been here so long you kinda take them for granted and almost forget they exist!

      • Thanks LJ for considering the recommendations hope you get to enjoy some of the hidden treasures some of us have enjoyed since 1990

  2. Henderson Lumber on First Street. They define old school, step inside and you enter a time warp. They take what they do very seriously, and place a high value on customer service.

  3. Um and White Mana, one of two historical landmarked burger joints in nj located in Jersey City Heights since the Worlds Fair is NOT listed here? Uh Andreas Salumeria? The Embankment??? The Reservoir?? The historical Harsimus graveyard that used to serve as a weapon bunker for the revolutionary war, war of 1812 and both world wars???

  4. Laico’s on Terhune ave. Old school doesn’t begin to describe it.
    McLaughlin Funeral Home at Journal Square, they have been an institution in Jersey City, helped thousands of families over the years at their worst time. Still the same family – Miss McLaughlin runs it and she is pretty and very nice.
    Lee Sims at McGinley Square- best chocolate hands down. Ever.
    Astor Pub at McGinley Square- A true institution
    Pizza Masters in the Heights
    There is an even older cemetery next to Saint Aidens Church on Bergen ave. Some headstones are from the 1600’s
    Prince of Pizza McGinley Square

  5. Being that Henderson Lumber got a shout out I must give one to Boulevard Paint & Hardware at 1790 JFK Blvd…not as big an operation as Henderson but such nice, knowledgeable, helpful people work there. They always have neat old school parts you’re not sure where to find and low prices…plus it takes a fraction of the time it would to go to Home Depot and is a significantly better experience every single time 🙂

  6. Laico’s Restaurant
    The Grape Vineyard Tavern Newark Ave is the oldest bar in the city with an escape window in the back for prohibition raids. Check out urinals in men’s room. You have to see them.

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