Pasta e Vino Soft Opens This Thursday

It’s been a little over a week since news broke of Raval’s closure and now we’ve confirmed that Pasta e Vino will soft open this Thursday.

Jersey City-based RDG Hospitality, which also operates Satis, is no stranger to Italian food and they’ve given the new restaurant an updated menu focusing on fresh, homemade pasta. Wine was a big part of Raval and like its namesake suggests, there will be plenty of it at Pasta e Vino as well.

The interior of the restaurant has received a makeover — we were able to briefly sneak a peek over the weekend and it looked significantly different — and fans of Red Cocktail Lounge can rest assured that the basement cocktail bar will continue to operate with events already planned for this Thursday.

Pasta e Vino’s menu has yet to make an appearance online, but if you can’t wait till Thursday, they’ve posted a tease on their Instagram account.