Proposed Illustration of Gotham West’s 156-166 Brunswick Near Madame Claude Cafe

Brunswick St

Big changes are coming to a small pocket of the Village. Gotham West Development has an early illustration of 156-166 Brunswick Street, a new development to be located just steps away from Madame Claude Cafe. The project consists of two separate buildings. One 5-story building (with a set back 6th story) would house 17 apartments with 9 parking spots. This building would be situated between 4th and 5th streets (on Brunswick). The second building is a 4-story complex (with a set back 5th story) that would include 19 apartments and 10 parking spots. This building would be located on Brunswick and 5th street, just opposite 5th Oak Condos. The project is still in its initial stages, but when finished 156-166 Brunswick Street would be joining 5th Oak Condos, The Nora, and 318-328 Newark Avenue. It’s still unknown if the new apartments will be rentals, condos, or a mix of both. —[Thanks 5th Oak Condos & the Village Neighborhood Association for the tip!] via Gotham West Development

[Image: Gotham West Development]


  1. Unbelievable, home values going way up on 5th Street for sure..

    • I’m amazed at how fast that corner is changing. Madame Claude Cafe and The Brunswick Window were here one day, gone the next!

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