Raval Jersey City Menu Sneak Peek

11263082_292586104199037_3596515232794999440_nRaval is Jersey City’s first tapas restaurant, which  according to its website, is set to open May 27th. I walked by the restaurant this weekend and noticed a giant menu leaning by the window. Naturally, I took a quick glance and I’m now more excited than ever to see this place open up. If you’ve ever been to Barcelona, you’ll see the menu is very Barcelona-driven with prices that are very reasonable. A few plates that personally caught my eye include pan con tomate ($4), patatas bravas ($7), croquetas de bacalao ($12), and paella de mariscos ($19/per person, 2 ppl required). On the dessert front, churros ($9) and crema catalana ($8) are staples throughout Barcelona’s tapas restaurants and I’m happy to see they’ve made the voyage to Jersey City.

IMG_1909There’s also a 5-course and 7-course chef’s tasting (full table participation is required) for $59 and $85, respectively. May 27th can’t come soon enough.

Raval | 136 Newark Avenue (btw Grove & Erie) | www.ravaljc.com