I moved to Jersey City in the 80s when Grove Plaza was a run-of-the-mill parking lot and the only restaurant on Newark Avenue was Helen’s Pizza. A Hell’s Kitchen native, I’ve seen Jersey City transform itself from a small, sleepy city with close access to Manhattan to an urban destination with restaurants, bars, and high-rises that can rival — if not beat — its famous neighbor across the Hudson. Staying informed of all the neighborhood changes is no easy feat, and that’s how the idea for Jersey City Upfront came to be.

A magazine editor/journalist by trade, I’ve written for Time Out New York, Gawker, and fitness blog Q by Equinox, to name a few. However, I created Jersey City Upfront to keep track of the latest bars, restaurants, and real estate developments in our ever-changing city. The site is completely independent and anything I review is paid for with my own money. No freebies here, so what you see is my honest opinion. Should a freebie or conflict of interest ever arise, you can rest assured I’ll be completely transparent about it in my post. I want this site to be fun, useful, and trustworthy.

Since I’m a one-man show (and I already have a full-time writing gig), I will cover news and events in downtown Jersey City only. I define that as the waterfront, Powerhouse Arts District, Paulus Hook, the Village, Hamilton Park, and Harsimus Cove. I realize there’s a lot more to Jersey City than those neighborhoods, but for the time being, that’s where I’ll focus.

A quick note on comments. I encourage readers to comment, question, and criticize, but please keep things civilized. I reserve the right to ban any name-calling or obvious shilling. Like I said, my mission is to inform in a fun and entertaining manner. If you want to troll, there are other sites for that. That said, feel free to drop me a note at any time (JCUpfront “at” gmail) and make sure to share the site with other Jersey City-zens.


    • A few weeks ago I was told they were looking to open in a month. Hard to give an exact date with launches (restaurants/bars have to go through city inspections, etc.), but I’d guess sometime in July if they’ve already started hiring staff.

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