South House Officially Opens on Friday, July 17th

South House

South House

It’s official. The long-awaited South House Bar & Restaurant on Newark Avenue will open its doors on Friday, July 17th. The restaurant actually had a soft (but very busy) opening Thursday night, and from the looks of it you can expect Friday night to be equally busy. South House’s menu will feature southern classics, beer, and plenty of whiskey. Though I have to say I’m equally excited about its music potential. Early rumors indicated that the restaurant would have a room/section dedicated to live music. Feeding into the rumors, the restaurant’s Instagram account is loaded with images of Hendrix, Jagger, James Brown, and Jim Morrison. Needless to say, I like where this is going. —South House via Facebook

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  1. Great big space and one of a kind cocktails. Had the southern fried chicken dish with a side of potato salad, quite good and decent size portion. Was told a roof top deck and basement will be on-line soon as well as some live music from time to time. As the reviewer said, lot’s of great photos and poster of old school blues & rock bands and musicians. Didn’t hear any of that music when I was there. Hopefully when the live music starts they will bring in bands that play this type of music. That would really separate them from all the other bars playing all the same stuff. Coming back next week with some friends.

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