Talde Jersey City Reportedly Up for Sale [Updated]


[Update: 3/12] David Massoni of the Three Kings Group which owns Talde JC has tweeted that Talde JC is not for sale. Instead, it’s the former Bell + Gray space that is on the market. However, Robb affirms that multiple sources have told him otherwise.

The Village Voice’s Adam Robb reports that Talde Jersey City is up for sale. According to Robb — who tweeted about it earlier this week — rumors of the restaurant’s closure started circulating when the restaurant dropped its publicist. The restaurant is for sale on its own or with the former Bell + Gray space, since they apparently share the same kitchen. The news isn’t too surprising as Talde and company focus on their new, large-scale venues in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood. Nevertheless, any restaurant closing is a loss for downtown. —@lifevicarious

(Image: Village Voice)

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