The Port Authority Explains Why Jonas Brought Path Service to Its Knees


Now that we’ve all somewhat recovered from the 25″ of snow that Jonas dropped on Jersey City, the Port Authority has posted a response to the question that was on everyone’s mind last Monday — “what was up with Path?” As we all painfully remember, Path trains experienced various delays during and after last week’s record-breaking snow storm and service to Newark, Harrison, and JSQ was down for days. (JSQ service was restored somewhat faster than Harrison/Nwk service.) So what exactly happened?

Long story short — the Path third rail was buried in snow and the 2-3 foot snow drifts made restoring service near impossible. Making matters worse, workers had to remove the snow by hand, since snowplows couldn’t be used for fear of damaging the electrical system wiring. The question they don’t seem to address is, what —if anything — can be done to prevent this type of interruption in service from occurring again? —Portfolio

(Image: Portfolio)