These Are the New Pop-Ups That Will Change the Lunch Scene at Harborside

It’s no secret that Mack-Cali is heavily investing in Harborside. Afterall, we named it one of our spots to watch in 2017. And here’s another reason why you’ll want to pay attention. A new food hall has opened inside Harborside. Confirmed food vendors include:

Delaney Barbecue has already listed its Jersey City menu with pricing and it looks like the pop-up will be around for at least six months. These new pop-ups will of course be joining Jersey City favorites Whealth, Tidal Poke, Modcup, and Lizzmonade.

Combine that with Harborside’s monthly jazz concerts, Tuesday Markets, and Midnight Market and it looks like the New York view will no longer be the waterfront’s main attraction.

The Harborisde Food Hall is open Monday through Friday from 11.30am to 3pm.

(Photo: Boil Boil Ramen)