Time-Lapse Video Shows Shepard Fairey Creating the Jersey City Wave in 3 Minutes


The Official Municipal Channel of Jersey City just released a 3-minute time-lapse video of Shepard Fairey and his team creating the “Jersey City Wave” high above the Grove Path station. In the video, Fairey reveals some insights as to the symbolism behind the wave and the Statue of Liberty.

“A lot of my art is more political or social, so the way I’ve used waves frequently is to say look at this, the beauty of nature, look at this beautiful wave. But with this image I actually approached the wave as more of a positive metaphor. For me it was about this wave of a cultural Renaissance that Jersey City seems to be riding right now. I incorporated the back of the State of Liberty in this piece because that is actually the view from Jersey City, but also because there’s a little bit of an underdog pride. And we get the back of the State of Liberty, but we’re gonna rock it anyway.”
–Shepard Fairey



(Image: NJ.com)