Try This Now: “Black Pearl” at Bucket & Bay


“Try This Now” puts the spotlight on a beverage, cocktail, appetizer, dessert, or meal I’ve recently had in Jersey City that has surpassed all my expectations.

I’m a big fan of Bucket & Bay’s inventive gelatos, but the “Black Pearl” takes my fanaticism to a whole new level. First, the presentation: the staff at Bucket & Bay take dessert preparation to a whole new level as they meticulously mix cold brew ModCup coffee with precise measurements of their sour cherry rosemary syrup and a scoop of their whisky-infused Black Label vanilla gelato. A twig of rosemary is added for garnish and you’re encouraged to use the spoon to eat the the gelato first and then drink the remaining coffee and melted vanilla gelato second. The taste is incredible — it’s a decadent mix of coffee and vanilla with very delicate hints of whisky. It’s creamy, thick, and stunning.

Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato | 150 Bay Street (btwn Marin & Provost) |