Try This Now: Blackberry Farm Summer Saison at Coolvines

Summer Saison“Try This Now” puts the spotlight on one of downtown Jersey City’s best cocktails, entrees, or desserts.

Blackberry Farm is renown for its food, hospitality, and impeccable service. Tucked away in Walland, TN, it’s one of the country’s most prestigious resorts. I visited Blackberry Farm back in 2013, so when I heard Coolvines was carrying their full line of seasonal saisons I had to try one.

With the weather warming up, I opted for Blackberry Farm’s Summer Saison ($15), which won the silver medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Fest.

The hazy, straw-colored saison is as summery as you can get. It pours with an impossible-to-stop white head that adds a thick layer of froth. The first sip is a little malty, but it then opens up with a citrus, tangerine-like flavor mixed with a little sweet grapefruit. Carbonation is on the medium to high level, and the finish has the perfect mix of bitterness and spice. Alone or with dinner — it’s the perfect summer drink.

Summer Saison2

Coolvines Jersey City | 276 Grove Street