Try This Now: PhilosoRapper at Departed Soles


“Try This Now” puts the spotlight on a beverage, cocktail, appetizer, dessert, or meal I’ve recently had in downtown Jersey City that has surpassed all my expectations.

Step aside, Brooklyn. There’s a new microbrewery in town and this one is just a ferry or Path ride away. Departed Soles is downtown Jersey City’s first microbrewery and although it’s tasting room is small in size, the beers on tap are big and bold. Shown here is the PhilosoRapper — a honey-colored Belgian tripel that’s refreshing and light, despite being one of Departed Soles’ strongest beers at 8% alcohol. An excellent sipping beer, the PhilosoRapper is a mere hint of what Departed Soles is capable of brewing. Ask for a sample, buy a pint, take home a growler. The PhilosoRapper should be high on your list for your first (or next) visit to Departed Soles.

Departed Soles | 150 Bay Street |