Try This Now: Truffled Egg Pizza at The Hamilton Inn


“Try This Now” is a biweekly feature that puts the spotlight on one of downtown Jersey City’s best cocktails, entrees, or desserts.

These days, you can get all types of pizza in the downtown area. But when it comes to creativity — few can top The Hamilton Inn’s truffled egg pizza. The crispy flatbread pizza is topped with spinach, mozzarella, pancetta, and truffle oil. Two sunny side up eggs take the gourmet pizza from creative to sublime. Each bite provides you with a bit of salt from the pancetta, just the right amount of gooeyness from the egg yolk, and an earthy finish thanks to the truffle oil. The pizza is served as an appetizer and can easily feed two, but trust me, you’ll want this all for yourself.

The Hamilton Inn | 708 Jersey Avenue |