Uber is Slashing Prices from 15% to 50% Throughout New Jersey


Uber is slashing its prices by as much as 50% throughout New Jersey. Craig Ewer, Uber’s New Jersey spokesman, recently announced that the car-hailing app will lower prices throughout the Garden State effective immediately. Prices on Uber X airport trips are being cut 50% and all other trips in New Jersey are seeing a 15% price reduction, reports NJ.com.

“The old UberX fare of $7.51 from Hoboken to Jersey City would drop to $6.38. An Uber X trip from Newark Airport to Jersey City would drop from $41.25 to $16.02, depending on time of day, location, routes, tolls, and other factors, Ewer said.”

The New Jersey price cuts are part of a nationwide campaign to lower Uber prices. Essentially, the company wants to price its service under the cost of owning a car. Surge pricing will also be cut during times of high demand. —Business Insider

(Image: NJ.com)