Weekend Eats: Eat & Shop at Project Market, Craft the Ultimate Cocktail at Halifax’s Bloody Mary Bar

Enjoy exotic burgers and hotdogs at Zeppelin Hall (through December 31)
From the Cubano Pork Dog to the Mac & Cheese Burger — Zeppelin Hall is debuting a temporary new menu that gives the classic hotdog and hamburger an exotic, sometimes international makeover. There are seven hotdogs and seven burgers in the new “Food Fight” menu and a winner will be picked from each category. The “Food Fight” menu is available through the end of the month.

Whealth unveils hearty winter menu (Friday)
It’s the first day of December and for the Whealth Cafe at Journal Squared that means it’s time to unveil a new winter dinner menu. The new menu — which is available as of tonight — features hearty comfort food like pumpkin maple soup, butternut gnocchi, and a chocolate cake with salted caramel ice cream.

Eat, drink, and shop at Project Market (Saturday & Sunday)
If the thought of shopping at a nameless, big box retailer makes you shudder, head over to Project Market this weekend where you’ll be able to shop at a leisurely pace while enjoying local eats and drinks. The heated outdoor market takes place in a massive tent behind City Hall where you’ll find everything from cookies and hot chocolate to pottery, blankets, and toys for Fido.

Build the Ultimate Bloody Mary (weekends starting Dec. 2)
Whether you like them spicy, tangy, or topped with a strip of bacon — head to Halifax’s new Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar for your chance to play bartender and create the ultimate weekend cocktail. The new bar — which will be available every weekend starting December 2 — is located in the restaurant’s adjacent lounge at the Living Room at the W Hoboken. Once there, you’ll be able to create a traditional Bloody Mary or choose from various over-the-top garnishes like oysters, poached shrimp, salami, mozzarella, and everyone’s favorite — bacon.

(Photo: Halifax)