Weekend News: Bolivian Day Parade, Kayaking in Jersey City


When: Saturday, August 8th from 12pm till 3pm.
Where: Starts at Hamilton Park (up Jersey Avenue), down Newark Avenue, and ends at City Hall.
What: The 12th Annual Bolivian Day Parade
The Bolivian Day Parade is hands-down my favorite Jersey City parade. The costumes are fabulous and the dancing is contagious showing off the country’s Spanish, Andean, and Native American culture.

* * * *

When: Sunday, August 9th & Saturday, August 22 from 10am till 3pm
Where: The Jersey City Reservoir off Summit Avenue
What: Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance Kayaking Days
The Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance is hosting Kayaking Days on August 9th and August 22nd. Kayaking is free, although donations are encouraged. There will be single and tandem boats available for use for periods of 15-to-20 minutes. (If no one is waiting for a boat, you may stay in the water longer).

* * * *

When: Sunday, August 9th from 11am till 5pm
Where: Behind City Hall on Montgomery and Marin Boulevard
What: 6th Borough Market
The 6th Borough Market occurs every second and fourth Sunday of every month. The outdoor market features your favorite local food, craft, and arts all in one festive block party.

* * * *

When: Sunday, August 9th from 11am till 6pm
Where: Christopher Columbus Drive btwn Grove & Barrow
What: Jersey City Annual Stickball Tournament JCI via Facebook
Six teams will be competing in a process of elimination during the Jersey City Stickball Tournament. It’s a casual event/competition as the teams try to bring a sport typically associated with the streets of New York to downtown Jersey City.

(Image via NJ.com)