Weekend Reader: Hermine Approaches New Jersey, Tollbooth Workers Harassed On The Job


**A Tropical Storm warning remains for the entire New York metropolitan area. Gov. Christie has declared a State of Emergency for Ocean, Atlantic, and Cape May counties which are expected to take the brunt of the unpredictable storm. —ABC 7, NJ.com

**The New York Times has an expose on the plight of tollbooth collectors in the New York/New Jersey area, many of which are harassed daily by male drivers. Per the NYT, “toll takers said they had been plied with pickup lines, phone numbers, and gifts like perfume, flowers and food while also being targets of stares and filthy gestures.” —NYT

**9th & Coles Tavern is up for sale. The owners posted on Facebook that they’re closing so they can focus on their Broome Animal Sanctuary and raise further awareness of farm factory cruelty. The farm has an ongoing GoFundMe page and welcomes visitors. 9th & Coles via JC Eats

**The Berry Hill / Claremont Neighborhood Association is proposing a “restaurant row” to revitalize the retail corridor at Communipaw Junction in Bergen-Lafayette. —Jersey Digs

**The New York Times’ Style section has reviewed the newly opened Westfield Mall. The part we can all relate to: “The mall as a commuter hub in New York contains a conflict of pace: There is mall walking, and then there is New York walking. Mall walking. . . requires unplanned pauses. New York walking is fast. When you make New Yorkers commute through a mall, you get New York walking in a space full of mall walking.” —NYT

**Meanwhile, some Port Authority execs are not happy with the $4 billion Oculus calling it a “symbol of excess.” —NY1

(Image: NYT)