Weekend Reader: Jersey City Could Ban Circus Animals, Hoboken Trader Joe’s Opens in 2017


**Jersey City wants to ban circuses that include performances by wild or exotic animals. The proposed legislation would also ban trade shows, petting zoos, carnivals, and parades in which animals are required to perform or give rides. —NJ.com

**While downtown has to wait until 2020 for its 45,000 square foot Whole Foods Market to arrive, Hoboken will have their 11,700 square foot Trader Joe’s open to the public in the first half of 2017. —Jersey Digs

**New York and New Jersey are fighting over the future of the Port Authority Bus Terminal (again). It appears New York politicians are pushing for a smaller bus terminal, whereas New Jersey officials are asking for a larger depot to accommodate as many commuters as possible. —The Record

**A same-sex New Jersey couple has filed a lawsuit to change an archaic law that allows health insurance companies to avoid paying for fertility treatments for same-sex couples. The insurance company is denying coverage based on a state mandate that requires women to prove their infertility through “two years of unprotected sex with a man.” —NJTVNews

**Metro reports on the rising number of New Yorkers moving to Jersey City as well as the lack of available condominiums. —Metro

**A Newark man has been apprehended for allegedly groping a woman aboard a PATH train during the early morning rush hour. —NJ.com

(Image: Jersey Digs)