80-foot tall sculpture “Water’s Soul” debuts on Jersey City pier

The sculpture was created by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa

Water's Soul
Credit: Richard Gray Gallery

Water’s Soul is an 80-foot tall sculpture sitting on the edge of the newly constructed Newport Pier in Jersey City. Newport developer Lefrak and Simon Property Group commissioned Spanish artist Jaume Plensa to create this latest public work of art.

The Newport sculpture is Plensa’s second major, permanent installation in the New York area. Another of his works — “Voices” — can be found at 30 Hudson Yards in New York.

“It is my wish for Water’s Soul to become an icon for Newport and a landmark that visually connects it with New York City across the Hudson River,” said Plensa. “Just as Water’s Soul acts to unite the City of Jersey City and New York City, we are reminded that water is the great public space that unites and embraces communities as well as people around the world.”

Waters Soul Jersey City

A large majority of Plensa’s work includes sculptures in public spaces. Plensa’s public art installations can be found in Spain, France, Japan, England, Korea, Germany, and Canada. The sculptures are usually over-sized heads, torsos, or spheres.

Meanwhile, the new walkway was designed by Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, who recently collaborated with Heatherwick Studio to design New York’s Little Island. The Newport Pier connects to Newport’s existing mile-long Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.

A dedication of “Water’s Soul” occurred on October 21. The new landscaped walkway is now open to the public for year-round access.


  1. Greetings, great article. Three of my Jersey City Students named “The Rosados” created an EDUCATIONAL song and a MUSIC VIDEO “The Water’s Soul”. We filmed it on October 11 and it launches on YouTube the same day the Sculpture is being dedicated, 10/21/21. Would you like to see it today via a private Google Drive link? These singers have been titled the JERSEY CITY AMBAsSADORS for AUTISM. They represented all of the Jersey City Children at the 9/11/18 Memorial. They have already performed for over a million people in Puerto Rican Parades and Festivals.


    The Water’s Soul
    By Prof. David Musial
    with additional lyric paraphrasing from:
    Jaume Plensa, Victoria Maria Moyeno, David Simon, Richard LeFrak
    Melody By Musial, Eric, John & Sophia Rosado
    VERSE 1
    Over 100 years ago, ships from all over the world, came into this area called Newport
     Goods were exchanged, people shared stories, in this vibrant, large, and festive port.
    This has been transformed, from once barren land, quietude empathetic self-reflection 
    With great ethereal beauty, in the sand, near the Statue of Liberty’s Sun!
    One drop of water is quite alone, the Water’s Soul
    Many drops together can create a wave, the Water’s Soul
    They can form immense rivers & oceans, the Water’s Soul
    We exchange ideas and create community, the Water’s Soul
    The Power of the Water’s Soul, The Power of the Water’s Soul
    VERSE 2
    The sculpture seems to say, “shush” every day, as it looks at New York City
    The pure innocence, aims to acknowledge, the rich history of our Jersey City 
    It is now expressing, the hope for humanity, to build a brighter, and better world.
    We must all join together, to protect, the most precious, water of-our-world. 
    It is not owned by anyone, It belongs to all of us, 
    water is the source of life!
    Water is the great public space, that unites people around the world.
    Water’s Soul is a celebration, in Chilltown a celebration of life!

    *Lyrics by Prof. David Musial inspired by
    Jaume Plensa, Victoria Maria Moyeno, David Simon, Richard LeFrak
    Melody By Musial, Eric, John & Sophia Rosado
    Sung by Eric, John & Sophia Rosado plus David Musial


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